Why are cultivated diamonds purer?

Cultivated diamonds produced by chemical vapor deposition are free of nitrogen and other impurities, and their hardness and gloss are beautiful and pure. It is Type IIa in the true sense.

(Type IIa diamonds refer to diamonds that do not contain nitrogen and other impurities and are very pure in composition.)

The quality of cultivated diamonds is not only equal to or even higher than that of natural diamonds. Since no complicated artificial mining is required, the price barrier of natural diamonds is naturally broken. The price of cultivated diamonds is about 1/3 of that of natural diamonds.

So now you can buy diamonds of the same size for less than half the price, fulfilling every woman's "diamond dream".

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Cultivated diamonds are cultivated and grown in the laboratory through instruments, and their chemical composition, crystal structure, and physical properties are the same as those of natural diamonds. They are not fake diamonds, imitation diamonds, but not natural diamonds. The price is generally one-third of that of natural diamonds. Natural diamonds have always been used to make engagement rings. What is the price of Hydray's diamond cultivation equipment? In the past, synthetic diamonds were only suitable for industrial use. Today, with the continuous development of technology and the continuous improvement of craftsmanship, they have reached the quality of diamonds on the market. Now, the cultivated diamonds can be used to make exquisite engagement rings and fashion jewelry.

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