Lab Grown Diamonds Rough

Lab diamonds have the same crystal structure, chemical composition, optical properties, and physical properties as a mined diamond: carbon atoms arranged in a cubic crystal structure. Our lab diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds of equivalent quality.

| Advantages

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lab-grown diamonds rough are identical to natural by their physical, chemical and optical properties

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innovative technology allows us to grow the cleanest single-crystal type IIa diamonds of large sizes

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new technologies have replaced heavy equipment and processes damaging human health and the eco system

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diamond growth process is daily improved to be always a step ahead.

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we are ready to take challenges of any complexity for the most difficult tasks and needs of a client.

| Production

           We actively develop Jewelry, Industrial and Scientific international market sectors. We explore innovative approaches and technologies to improve the quality of Lab Grown Diamonds rough. The company is focused on partnership with international research institutes and innovative companies to create mutually-beneficial collaboration with the main purpose – to contribute the whole Lab Grown Diamonds rough market. 

HPHT uncut lab grown rough diamond


The diamond seed is placed in an environment that contains carbon (the molecular component of diamonds) and a metallic liquid which will help the carbon to settle around the diamond seed. When applying the tremendous pressure and temperatures, under highly controlled conditions, the small diamond seed begins to grow, atom by atom, molecule by molecule, emulating nature’s process.


A rough CVD lab-grown diamond is grown from a diamond plate. The diamond plate is placed in an environment that contains 2 carbon containing gasses: hydrogen and methane. Once pressure and heat is applied, the carbon elements detach itself from the gases to form a plasma cloud. The temperature used in this process is between 800-900 degrees Celsius. This plasma cloud then detaches the carbon elements onto the diamond plate and finally a diamond will grow layer by layer. A rough diamond then gets ready within a few weeks which then needs cutting and polishing just like any other diamond.
CVD uncut lab grown rough diamond

| Applications


Process that needs millions of years is now controlled by human. Recreating natural environment of diamond growth in special laboratories, we are able to grow and facet real diamonds, that physically, chemically, optically and aesthetically are equal to the natural diamond.


Due to production know-how, we have an opportunity to grow the purest type IIa diamond plates of large sizes without any losses of unique properties of a diamond, which create new opportunities for optics production.

Micro and power electronics

Henan Hydray International Trading produces the purest colorless type IIa diamonds, but for micro and power electronics we are able to add the necessary concentration of boron in the synthesis process to obtain better material conductivity (types IIb and IIa+IIb) used in electro-chemical industries.

Radiation detectors and monitors

A single-crystal diamond with low dislocations level grown by Henan Hydray International Trading has a large effective surface (up to 90% of the total) and high sensitivity of the surface, which makes it a perspective material for particle detection in the radiation environment. 

Quantum applications

The ideal atomic structure of our diamonds is perfect for research in the sphere of quantum photonics and optics. The spin of the electron in the Hydray center (an atomic level defect in a diamond) was proved to be effective media storage for information and quantum computing. . 

| Custom projects

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lab diamonds of different shapes
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| Our exhibition

Chinese Jewelry Season

We will present an exclusive collection at 2022 China Seasons Jewellery, booth 5A21 5A19, Shenzhen, China


28.02 - 04.03, we will exhibit at HKI Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show 2017, Hong Kong


29.06 - 02.07, we will give a speech at EGS 2017, Zermatt, Swiss

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2022.9.7-11 find our booth (IJ89-IJ91) at  Shenzhen International Jewelry Fair, Jeweller & Gem Fair 2022