Has the global supply of cultivated diamonds exceeded demand?

At the beginning of December 2021, the global production and market demand for cultivated diamonds have caused some phenomena. The inventory on the hands of intermediary players has increased significantly, and the price of rough and cultivated diamonds has gradually decreased, although the recent production of rough and the volume of global cultivated diamond market transactions Both are significantly increased.

The global production of CVD-grown diamond rough is about 10 million carats in 2021, but most of the colors are not good enough. The quantity of good-quality polished diamonds and market demand should be in short supply, but there is an oversupply of poor-quality polished diamonds. Drive the overall market price down. The most popular colors are F, G, and H.

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Has the global supply of cultivated diamonds exceeded demand? 3

In the total output of HPHT cultivated diamonds, good clarity accounts for only a small amount, which cannot meet the needs of the market, and there is an oversupply of the same poor quality polished diamonds. Most manufacturers sell to large distributors under an underwriting model, so they don’t care about the growth of low-quality blanks. As long as the growth is successful as soon as possible, the good and bad quality will be underwritten by the large distributors, but the market does not need so many poor quality Products make supply and demand imbalance, high-quality supply exceeds demand; low-quality supply exceeds demand. For clarity, VS and good SI1 are the most popular.

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Has the global supply of cultivated diamonds exceeded demand? 4

The CVD machine should be improved to grow quickly, and after high temperature, high pressure, low pressure, and high temperature color change, it will become white. The machine specification will be expanded to a 6-inch tray. HPHT should try to grow clean blanks to supply the quality required by the market. All domestic companies set up alliances and inspection meetings to produce predetermined specifications, quality, and quantities by receiving orders. The seller will price and sell uniformly in the way of inspection meetings. If the buyer’s order changes, the manufacturer will be notified immediately to change the specifications of the goods. , Quality and quantity, so that both buyers and sellers can produce and purchase in a stable and long-term orderly manner.


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