Alrosa's rough diamond prices have increased by about 7% on average

Recently, Alrosa’s customers stated that the company’s rough diamond prices have risen by an average of about 7% in this week’s contract sales. The price increase has affected all Alrosa's products, but the price of products above 2 carats has increased even more, and the prices of some products have increased by more than 10%. In addition, Alrosa also adjusted the product classification.

Earlier this month, De Beers' stock price rose 4% to 5%. De Beers said: In recent months, in view of the stability of consumer sales and the shortage of the entire supply chain, prices have risen. Since the second quarter, due to De Beers production restrictions, the company and Alrosa have run out of inventory in the first three months of 2021.

These companies announced in their recent trading and earnings reports that Alrosa's rough price index soared by 16% in the first half of this year, and De Beers's rose by 14%. A buyer said: Alrosa's price increase is higher than expected. For the rest of the year, prices are unlikely to rise further, because there is no (more) room to rise. In the past month, the polishing market has slowed down. It's not like the first half of this year anymore. "

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