The rough diamond was originally like this, and only these few tricks can be used to identify it

The diamond signifies the loyalty and eternity of love! How many women fall for it, diamonds are used as a sign at important moments of life when they get married and propose marriage.

Generally, the diamonds we see are already made into jewelry, so the diamonds in the impression of many people should be dazzling. But in fact, the diamonds we see are finished products that have been cut, polished, polished, and inlaid.

So I always thought that diamonds are like those in TV movies. Once they are dug out, they are huge, bright and blind. But when I got to the bottom of my knowledge, I discovered that it was so naive before. Diamonds originally had rough stones, which is really amazing.

The characteristics of natural diamond rough The natural diamond rough is commonly referred to as diamond, with a surface hardness of 10, which is currently the hardest substance known in the world. In fact, its composition is composed of carbon elements like graphite and coal in daily life. It is a single-crystal mineral. That is to say, I am holding a piece of carbon and my girlfriend is wearing a diamond ring. They are actually the same thing!

Those beautiful diamond mining environments can compete with jadeite, even more difficult than the jadeite environment.

Diamonds usually look like this when they are scoured, similar to glass.

Diamonds are also divided into grades, and those gem grades are actually relatively few.

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