The difference between rough diamonds and loose diamonds

A diamond ring is the jewel that every girl dreams of. Diamonds also represent the eternity of love. It is a token of love between two people. Many people will have a question when buying a diamond ring. Why do they still have a diamond ring when buying a diamond ring? What is the difference between a rough diamond and a loose diamond ring? Let’s take everyone to learn about the difference between rough diamonds and loose diamonds.

What is the difference between rough diamonds and loose diamonds

Rough diamonds refer to diamonds that have not been processed or are simply cut or only partially polished. The main production areas of rough diamonds are located in Africa, Russia, Canada, Australia and other places. If you don't have the knowledge of jewelry to choose rough diamonds, you need to take a lot of risk when buying, which is not cost-effective. Loose diamonds are diamonds that have been processed, cut and polished from rough diamonds, but they have not been made into jewelry such as diamond rings and diamond pendants. When buying loose diamonds, the content of pure diamonds is very high. When buying, you can choose what styles according to your own interests, and then make the diamond ring.

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The source of rough diamonds

China's diamond market is mostly dominated by loose diamonds and diamond wholesale and retail, and few are engaged in rough diamonds. A major source of rough diamonds is from De Beers’ CSO (Central Selling Organization) through customs in the Hong Kong office to enter the Chinese market; another source is the self-supply of domestic diamond mines, such as Shandong, Liaoning Wafangdian, Hunan Yuanjiang and so on. One of the most attractive sources is the smuggling of African rough diamonds into the Chinese market. In principle, 60 to 70% of the diamond raw material market is controlled by De Beers, but in fact 90% of rough diamonds in China are maintained by smuggling. The transaction price of such smuggled diamonds is generally based on the pallet price of the Shanghai diamond trading market, and it is also affected by the source channel and the distribution of dealers. After smuggled diamonds are traded "underground", they are converted into finished products through diamond processing companies or small processing workshops, and then enter retail companies to formalize them.

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Factors influencing the price of rough diamonds

  1. The cost of finding diamond deposits.
  2. The mining expenses and costs of rough diamonds.
  3. The output rate of diamonds of the same grade and type in nature: the lower the output rate, the higher the value of the diamond.
  4. The quality of rough diamonds: color, clarity, crystal shape, weight, etc.

Generally speaking, diamonds with whiter colors are rarer, diamonds with higher clarity grades are rarer, diamonds with larger grains are rarer, and diamonds with more regular shapes (such as octahedrons and cubes) are rarer.

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Which diamond ring or loose diamond customization is more advantageous?

The biggest advantage of a diamond ring is that it saves time and effort and allows you to choose the style you like more intuitively. Because most consumers pay more attention to style and wearing effect when buying diamonds, especially when buying diamond rings that you wear daily, style is a big factor in your purchase. If you buy a diamond ring for investment preservation or as a wedding ring, you can't just focus on the style, but pay more attention to the grade of the diamond. Moreover, diamond rings are generally purchased in brand stores in shopping malls. The brand's after-sales service will be better and more guaranteed in all aspects, but the price will be much more expensive because of the brand value and design fees.

The advantage of loose diamond customization is that 4C grades can be very selective, which can meet your various needs for diamond grades. And loose diamonds can be more intuitive to see whether the grade of the diamond is good or not. If you don't know the grade of diamonds, you may be confused when buying loose diamonds. It is recommended to go to a pawn shop to consult and learn about the meaning of diamond grading, its quality, cost performance, and so on.

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After choosing the loose diamond, you must choose the setting style. The jewelry processing factory usually has a lot of style pictures for you to choose. The cost of customization will be higher, because the factory has to make molds according to the style you choose. However, this kind of in-depth customization is more time-consuming and laborious. If you want to buy a relatively large diamond as an investment item, it is more recommended that you buy a loose diamond and customize it yourself, because the price is much lower than that of a mall brand.

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