Teach you about rough diamonds

The diamonds that everyone usually sees are shining bright. But do you know what the newly mined rough diamonds look like? Let’s talk about it in detail below.

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  1. The source of rough diamonds

The diamond market in China is mostly dominated by the wholesale and retail of loose stones and diamonds. Few people are engaged in rough diamonds. Most of the rough sources are from the CSO of DeBeers in Hong Kong through customs to enter the Chinese market. Another source: the self-supply of domestic diamond mines. Such as Shandong, Liaoning Wafangdian, Hunan Yuanjiang and so on.

  1. Factors affecting the price of diamonds

   Generally speaking, diamonds with whiter colors are rarer, diamonds with higher clarity grades are rarer, diamonds with larger grains are sparser, and diamonds with more regular shapes (such as octahedrons and cubes) are rarer.

  1. Cutting and grinding center of rough diamond

  1. Traditional cutting centers: New York, USA, Antwerp, Belgium, Tel Aviv, Israel, Mumbai, India and China.

  2. Domestic cutting and grinding sites

  A. Large processing factories: Shenzhen Luohu and Futian are the centers, Guangzhou is mainly Shawan Jewelry Industrial Park and Panyu Da Luotang Jewelry Industrial Zone, and there are also processing plants in Dongguan, Foshan and other places in Guangdong. Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Hunan, Liaoning and other places also have processing sites.

  1. diamond cutting form

   is divided into: bright type, horse eye type, pear type, radiation type, heart type, oval type, emerald type, princess type. Among them, the round diamond type is the most popular.

  1. the grading points of rough diamonds:

   Grading by crystal shape and location of flaws

   is generally divided into normal crystals, skewed crystals, triangular flakes, contact twin crystals and aggregate forms.

  Buying a diamond ring does not necessarily need to be inlaid with shiny cut loose diamonds. Sometimes a rough diamond is used as the main stone of a wedding ring to highlight your own uniqueness. It is very suitable for you who are pursuing individuality.

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