Prospects for the potential of diamonds

CVD diamond

(1) It is worth noting that the ultra-high-strength anvil made of single crystal CVD diamond can be used in a new generation of high-pressure test equipment for new material synthesis and basic scientific research. Element Six, as a leading enterprise in the development of CVD diamond, is currently actively developing and using the cutting-edge properties of this material, which may have a huge and far-reaching impact on the development of science and technology in this century.
(2) Solid-state circuit devices made of CVD diamond, which is a wide energy bandgap material, have superior characteristics that are different from silicon devices. It is possible to improve the existing electrical design and circuit layout and affect the structure of future power electronic equipment in the aerospace industry.
(3) Metal semiconductor field effect transistors have always been considered as one of the most promising devices made by CVD diamond. Because diamond has the ability to work at higher temperatures and higher breakdown voltages than traditional semiconductors. Compared with competitive materials used in electronic circuits such as silicon and gallium arsenide, the inherent properties of single crystal CVD diamond are obviously better
The more applications in high technology have strong demand. The application of new electronic devices to improve microwave power electronic equipment may cause major changes in microwave power electronic equipment.
(4) The use of a high numerical aperture lens made of single crystal CVD diamond for near-field optical information storage can greatly increase the information capacity of the optical disc and possibly increase it to more than 150GB. It is said that the theoretical information capacity can be as high as 550GB
(5) It is worth mentioning that the diamond microwave transmission window is the key component of the nuclear fusion test currently being carried out in Germany and Japan, and also an important component of the international thermonuclear test reactor under construction in France. Because CVD diamond has low absorption rate of microwave energy but high thermal conductivity and low dielectric constant, it is a very important material in microwave applications.
(6) If the application of quantum-level ultra-high-purity single-crystal CVD diamond in quantum computers is successful, it will greatly increase the computing speed of the computer. It is possible to quickly search and find a vast number of databases and establish complex calculation models to quickly decipher extremely complex codes. . At present, military institutions in various countries are sparing no effort to support the development of quantum computers. It can be said that this kind of ultra-pure isotropy
The successful development of quantum single crystal CVD diamond marks a milestone in the development of VD technology synthetic diamond.
(7) The Horigon successfully developed by the AT company by UNCD is the smoothest UNCD film in the world so far. It marks an epoch-making leap forward in the level of CVD diamond technology. The surface finish of the diamond film has reached the level of electronic grade silicon wafers. It has created a diamond film in electronic devices. And a new era of diversified applications on biomedical devices.
(8) In the 21st century, scientific and technological workers who are pioneering and innovative and brave to challenge themselves in all countries in the world have all set their sights on a new type of material, nanomaterials, and nanodiamond is a very important member of the nanomaterial family. Its structure is a focus of future technological development. It is both a technological revolution and an industrial revolution. Because nanodiamond has peculiar physical and mechanical properties, it is a material with important theoretical research and application research value. It is believed that its development and application will definitely promote the rapid development of human technology and bring more material benefits and gospel to people. It is not difficult to predict its potential prospects from the developed application fields.

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