The difference between diamond color h and f-g

The difference between diamond color levels h and f-g is mainly in terms of quality and price. According to the international diamond color grading standard, the f-g color grade is higher than the h color, and the f-g diamond looks more colorless and transparent, has better visual effects, and is more expensive.

color h and f-g

The difference between diamond color h and f-g is as follows:

1. Quality difference

Internationally, diamonds are divided into 23 color levels, which are represented by English letters such as D, E, F, G, H...K, L, M...X, Y, Z, among which "D" is The highest color grade is lowered in order, and the "Z" color is the lowest. According to this grade, the natural fg color grade is higher and the diamond quality is better.

Through the national inspection standards, you can understand the difference between the definitions of h and f-g:

color h and f-g
  • F-g—"excellent white", a small amount of color can only be detected by jewelry experts, belonging to high-quality diamonds.
  • H—"White", the color of the diamond is close to colorless, and a slight color can be noticed when compared with higher diamonds.

2. The price difference

The better the color of the diamond, the rarer it is, and the more expensive it is. Therefore, under the same conditions, f-g color diamonds are more expensive than h color diamonds.

Take the quotation from I Love Diamond Network as an example:

The price difference

Diamond color f-g and h grades have their own advantages, among which f-g is more valuable, and h color is more cost-effective. When buying diamonds, you can choose the corresponding color grade according to your own needs:

① The diamonds worn daily are mainly cost-effective. It is recommended to choose H color grade. Generally, the color cannot be seen by the naked eye.

② If you have certain requirements for color grade and are more sensitive to color, you can choose f-g color grade.

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