How much is the price of rough diamonds

How much is the rough diamond price? The price of rough diamonds ranges from tens of thousands to several million, and they are generally estimated based on the finished price. In addition to looking at the color, clarity, and weight, but also to consider which shape is suitable for cutting, and how much it will be lost after cutting, and then consider the price after cutting.

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Rough diamonds are mined directly from diamond mines. They are natural gemstones that have not undergone any processing. The various diamond jewels we wear are also cut and designed according to the shape of the rough stones. Diamond rings are one of them. Many people like to collect them. A rough diamond in a shape, and then make a diamond ring you like to give to your beloved, which is more heart-warming.

Polished diamonds are expensive, especially diamonds with good colors. An ordinary diamond is tens of thousands of dollars per carat. The real good quality can reach hundreds of thousands. If it is a pink diamond or a blue diamond The price of diamonds is in the millions. Unpolished rough diamonds are difficult to estimate because rough diamonds are basically auctioned by weight after they are mined, and the weight of rough diamonds is not proportional to the weight of polished diamonds. Rough diamonds are polished. After the weight is reduced by about one-third, we can see that the rough diamond of the same weight is much cheaper than the polished diamond.

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Rough diamonds refer to uncut diamonds, commonly known as "diamonds". This is what we often call diamond, which is a mineral composed of pure carbon. Diamond is the hardest substance in nature. Diamonds are used in a wide range of applications, such as handicrafts and cutting tools in the industry. Carbon can form diamonds at high temperatures and high pressure. Simply put, a diamond is a simple crystal composed of carbon that is formed under high pressure and high-temperature conditions in the deep parts of the earth.

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Although human civilization has a history of thousands of years, people have discovered and initially understood diamonds for only a few hundred years, and the time to truly uncover the mysteries of diamonds is even shorter. Before that, it was accompanied by mythical religious worship and fearful legends, and at the same time regarded it as a symbol of bravery, power, status, and dignity.

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Nowadays, diamonds are no longer unpredictable, nor are they treasures that only the royal family can enjoy. It has become a popular gem that people can own and wear. Diamond has a long history of culture, and today people see it more as a symbol of love and loyalty.

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