Diamond cutting decryption, from rough to finished diamond

Today, a friend who is doing diamond cutting shared a set of videos of cutting diamonds from rough slopes into finished diamonds. I will share them with you. Please watch the video below:

1.The overall shape of the rough with naked eyes, the rough is about 30 carats, the color quality of the whole rough is very white from the color level, and the high color level is probably the DEF color level.

2.Under the microscope, observe the distribution of rough diamond rough stones as a whole and mark them with a pen to prepare for preliminary grinding.

3.Preliminarily cut the diamond with a laser cutting instrument to remove the natural weathered skin and obvious flaws on the surface. The preliminary design of the cutting shape is circular, which can take care of the most.

4.The basic shape of the round diamond is cut for the second time, and then the diamond is finely hand-polished, and the 57 facets are finely cut one by one.

5.Finally cut into finished products, 10 carats of diamonds.

Round diamond cutting is still very material-consuming. Generally, the yield rate of special-shaped diamonds is only 40% to 50%. The production rate of special-shaped diamonds is relatively higher, usually 60% to 70%. This is why special-shaped diamonds are better than round diamonds. One of the reasons why diamonds are cheap, but round diamonds can reflect the best brightness and sparkle of diamonds.

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