Is diamonds burn a lie?

I believe everyone is familiar with diamonds. Diamond is a very precious gemstone, partly because its production and reserves are very low. In the era of "rare is more precious", diamonds are naturally regarded as rare treasures.

On the other hand, people's perception of diamonds is also related to the properties of the diamond itself. As we all know, diamonds are very hard. Because it is hard and not easily damaged, diamonds are also regarded as a symbol of eternity, representing eternal love and unswerving feelings.

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Do you know about diamonds?

While solid carbon is inert and rarely reacts with substances in the air, that doesn't mean the carbon in diamonds doesn't react chemically. Research has shown that oxygen, which is very familiar to humans, may react with diamonds.

As far as coal and diamonds are concerned, diamonds are significantly stronger than coal and have a much higher flashpoint than coal. However, diamonds burn under the right temperature and sufficient oxygen, and related videos have appeared on YouTube.

can diamonds burn

What should we do to ignite diamonds?

Diamonds burn isn't easy, but it's definitely not impossible. If you want to ignite the diamond, you can use heat. If you want better effect, you can heat it at high temperature.

Oxygen is a gas, says retired chemist Rick Thackeray, a member of the American Chemical Society. For better contact fusion with the diamond, consider turning the solid carbon into gaseous form, which may cause them to spark faster.

Physicist Christopher Baird of West Texas A&M University expressed a similar sentiment. He believed that the form of matter affects its own ignition point.

do diamonds burn

What would people see if diamonds burn?

Many friends may not have seen the scene where the diamonds burn. If diamonds are really lit up with everyone's efforts, what will we see? Combining theory with practice, during the first heating process, we can see that the diamond emits a dazzling red light, and then the red light turns into a white light. Red and white, as if to explain a material life, from gorgeous to cold.

Unlike flammable substances, even when a diamonds burn, the flame on its surface can be very weak. Also, you don't have to worry too much because diamonds are not easy to ignite. In theory, this requires a high temperature pure oxygen environment.

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