Choosing a grown diamond or a natural diamond when buying a diamond ring for wedding

As a wedding ring I think both are fine! If you have enough budget, you can choose a natural diamond ring! If you want to use it as an investment, it is recommended to have a grade of D color or above of 1 carat. The value preservation rate of other color grades is basically very low, and the lost amount can buy several laboratory-grown diamonds of the same grade. It mainly depends on the purpose of the person. Some young people are not used to wearing jewelry. Most of them wear it when they get married. It is better for such people to choose cultivated diamonds.

Wedding ring

And if I wear it as a jewelry function, I will definitely choose a cultivated diamond product!

First of all, the price is more affordable! Then! Natural ones always have a little flaw, and lab-grown synthetic diamonds are more controllable in quality. A good-grown diamond is almost perfect and cannot be recognized by the naked eye at all.

And about lab-grown diamonds! In fact, we should not have too much prejudice! Buy the right diamond ring according to your needs and budget.

It is undeniable! The market outlook for lab-grown diamonds remains optimistic!

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