Are HPHT diamonds worth buying?

To put it simply, the price of non-color CVD is twice as high as the other two, and most of the stones below the DEF color are a little coffee color, and the coffee among the milk coffee green, many people already know this, it looks like a diamond. Dark, opaque, but not reflected on the certificate, what about changing color CVD? Many people will think that he can't get over it if he changes his color. In fact, I think it's like a female micro-beauty. As long as the final beauty is beautiful, the rest is not important, but the technology of changing color in the later stage is high temperature and high pressure, or HPHT technology. It is better to buy HPHT directly. When it comes to HPHT, it is like someone else's. It is the closest to the growth of natural diamonds, and the main output is the high color grade of DEF. It does not need to change the color, and the cost performance is the highest. It is such a diamond that combines many advantages. , but was stigmatized by this so-called point drill pen.

However, if I say that this drill pen is actually a joke, it’s okay to test zircon Moissanite. Use a magnifying glass to look at the girdle of all cultivated diamonds. As long as there is the word LAB, it is a cultivated diamond, and this drill pen is also required. What's the use? Besides, the so-called third-generation point drill pen was originally just a fight between gods and several big technology monopoly manufacturers. In order to curb each other's gimmick, what's more, HPHT diamonds only have low clarity and can't pass the point drill pen. The clarity is good. All are passable. I know why the drill pen can't pass, conductivity! I just laughed, you want to test the conductivity of a gemstone. Does this affect the wearing? Does it affect the fire? Influence others to cast envious eyes? Am I going to buy a diamond to pick up the lightbulb, it's really a must-have ‍

Knock on the key point ❗️❗️❗️ So I will express my point of view, whether it is non-color CVD or color-changing CVD or HPHT, the three are actually cultivated diamonds, and there is no difference after wearing them. The cost-effectiveness of color-changing CVD is too low. It's just that it hasn't reached the price in my heart. When it will be the same price as HPHT, I will recommend it first.

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