What is the R&D process of HPHT rough diamonds

HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) rough diamonds are man-made diamonds that are synthesized by simulating the high temperature and high pressure environment deep in the earth.

  1. Raw material preparation: select high-purity graphite and metal catalysts as raw materials.
  2. Processing of graphite: Mechanical processing and chemical treatment of graphite to make graphite grains that meet the requirements.
  3. Add metal catalyst: Add metal catalyst to graphite grains to form graphite and catalyst mixture.
  4. Press blank: Put the mixture into high-pressure equipment, add high temperature and high pressure conditions, and press it into a blank with a diamond mold.
  5. Heat treatment blank: put the blank into a high-temperature furnace for heat treatment, so that it can reach the conditions of high temperature and high pressure, and promote the chemical reaction of raw materials, thereby forming a diamond structure.
  6. Cutting and processing: The synthetic diamond rough is cut, polished and polished to form the final HPHT artificial diamond.

In the process of developing HPHT rough diamonds, it is necessary to continuously improve and optimize raw materials, processing technology and equipment to improve the quality and output of diamonds and meet market demand. At the same time, a large number of experiments and tests are required to verify whether the quality and performance of the diamond meet the requirements. The whole process requires long hours of patience and dedication, but high-quality man-made diamonds can be obtained, providing an important source of material for the gem and industrial fields.

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