What is the price of growing a diamond? - The price of the stone

Cultivation of diamond stone: refers to the weight of less than 1 minute diamond, a carat of stone generally one hundred to several hundred pieces.

Cultivated diamonds of this size are mainly produced by the high temperature and high pressure (HPHT) method. There are only a handful of manufacturers that can produce this kind of cultivated diamond, even with this small size, and only a few in the world that can master the technology of high-color cultivated diamond.

The price of the stone

How much does it cost to grow a rough diamond at this size?

If the cultivated diamond blank of this size is specially produced by machine, the factory will lose money according to the current price of the blank of this size. So the whole domestic market at present very few manufacturers specializing in the production of this size of cultivated diamond rough.

At the same time, there is another situation that the market is extremely short of goods of this size. Many cutting factories in India have asked to breed diamond production plants to produce goods of this size, but none can start production at the current selling price. Now the goods circulating in the market are all the stock goods of the previous two years, and a small part of them are produced with the production of cultivated diamond rough with larger grain size than this. Although the time and various factors are the same when the machine is produced, the parameters (weight, diameter, height, crystal shape, and the most important color and clarity) of the goods produced are completely different even if all the factors controlled by human beings are the same in the same production period of the same machine.

Diamond crystal stone

Another factor preventing manufacturers from producing cultivated diamonds of this size at current market prices is the production of diamond raw material ----- synthetic blocks. The price of a block of the same grade is now three times what it was four years ago.

Under the influence of various factors such as the current market price of cultivated diamond rough and the increase of raw materials, there is a result that no cultivated diamond manufacturer will specially start production of cultivated diamonds of this size, even though the rough diamond of this size is the best selling line in the market. If you have any blanks of this size in stock, you can sell them for a good price. At present, the blank of this size will not depreciate in a short time.

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