Grown Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds?

With the continuous appearance of various brands of cultivated diamonds in the showcases of various jewelers, the price of natural diamonds frequently surpasses the elegance of natural diamonds.

Especially since the era of wanton epidemics, no one can say when they will face the dilemma of living at home. This has to make people learn to "tighten their wallets", especially for most people like natural diamonds, after "one diamond is forever", "one will go bankrupt".

Therefore, with the same "beauty" and the price can be saved several times, cultivated diamonds will inevitably become the new favorite of the public. After all, the natural diamond ring and the cultivated diamond ring placed in the window look no different. In fact, there is really no difference if you just rely on the naked eye to identify without looking at the certificate.

hpht diamond

For example, the difference between cultivated diamonds and natural diamonds is the same as ice cubes made through chemical experiments and natural frozen ice cubes. Essentially they are all ice, but in a different environment. The same is true of cultivated diamonds and natural diamonds, in fact, it is the difference in the growth environment.

Cultivated diamonds, directly translated, are artificially cultivated diamonds, which are crystals artificially condensed with high temperature and high pressure through scientific research and technology to simulate the growth environment of natural diamonds. Their physical and chemical characteristics are so identical that even a professional cannot tell them apart with the naked eye. Professional jewelry appraisal agencies have also issued a judgment that cultivated diamonds are diamonds.

There have been many merchants of cultivated diamonds who have measured on the spot, and the result is that cultivated diamonds are exactly the same as natural diamonds. And high-quality lab-grown diamonds need to be identified with the most accurate large-scale instruments.

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Cultivated diamonds can be perfect "clones" of natural diamonds, let alone ordinary people, even professionals can't tell whether they are wearing cultivated diamonds or natural diamonds. Bringing it to propose marriage is also full of face, which greatly satisfies the sweetheart's "Carat Dream".

Moreover, with the continuous advancement of research technology of cultivated diamonds, the clarity of cultivated diamonds gradually exceeds that of natural diamonds. Its cost has also begun to gradually decrease, which means that the price of cultivated diamonds will also have a lot of room for decline.

At present, cultivated diamonds have appeared in the windows of major jewelry brands, and it is inevitable to enter the market strongly. Moreover, the technology of cultivated diamonds is mature, so they can also have the characteristics of "eternal and long-term" like natural diamonds. Moreover, its price is much lower than that of natural diamonds, and with the label of "environmentally friendly diamonds", more consumers with strong environmental awareness are more inclined to buy cultivated diamonds.

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