3 4 carat cvd uncut raw rough lab grown synthetic diamonds

Diamond Carat Weight:3-4ct
Diamond Shape:Rough
Fancy Diamond Color:white
White Diamond Color:E
Diamond Clarity:VS1, vs+
Diamond Cut:Excellent
Diamond Enhancements:Filled Diamonds
Keyword:cvd diamond
Hardness:10 Moh's

what is cvd uncut raw rough lab grown synthetic diamonds

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) uncut raw rough lab grown synthetic diamonds are diamonds that are grown in a laboratory using advanced technological processes.

CVD diamond production involves placing a small diamond seed in a vacuum chamber and introducing a mixture of gases.The gases are then heated to create plasma, which breaks down into carbon atoms that deposit onto the diamond seed, layer by layer, eventually growing into a diamond crystal.

The resulting diamonds are chemically and structurally identical to natural diamonds, but they are created in a controlled environment, allowing for the production of diamonds with specific qualities such as size, color, and clarity.

Uncut raw rough lab-grown synthetic diamonds are diamonds that have not been cut or polished and are still in their natural, rough form.These diamonds may be used for industrial purposes, such as cutting and drilling, or they may be further processed into polished gemstones.

Reference: Wikipedia

Synthetic diamonds (also known as cultured diamonds, cultivated diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds) are diamonds produced by man-made processes, as opposed to natural diamonds produced by geological processes.

Synthetic diamonds are produced in two common methods (referring to high pressure high temperature and chemical vapor deposition crystal formation methods).


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