100 Face Orientation CVD Diamond White Rough Diamond Price

Characteristic:High Thermal Stability
Characteristics of Natural Diamond:High Strength
Synthesis of Cubic Boron Nitride Method:Chemical Vapor Deposition
Application:Diamond Tools, Seeds, Optical and Electronic Use

What is a CVD diamond? 

CVD diamond (also known as Synthetic diamond, Chemical vapor deposition diamond,  laboratory gown diamond, laboratory-created diamond ) is a diamond produced in an artificial process, as opposed to natural diamonds, which are created by geological processes.

There are several methods used to produce synthetic diamonds.
The original method uses high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) and is still widely used because of its relatively low cost.
The process involves large presses that can weigh hundreds of tons to produce a pressure of 5 GPa at 1500 °C.
The second method, using chemical vapor deposition (CVD), creates a carbon plasma over a substrate onto which the carbon atoms deposit to form diamond.

The advantages of CVD diamond growth include the ability to grow diamond over large areas and on various substrates, and the fine control over the chemical impurities and thus properties of the diamond produced. Unlike HPHT, the CVD process does not require high pressures, as the growth typically occurs at pressures under 27 kPa

Size & Shape
1, Size: 1*1*1mm ,  2*2*1mm , 3*3*1mm , 4*4*1mm , 5*5*1mm , 6*6*1mm,

7*7*1mm, 8*8*1mm,9*4*1mm,10*4*1mm,11*4*1mm

2, Thickness: 0.1mm~ 3mm,
3, Shape: Square, Rectangle, Round, etc
Customized shapes and sizes are available
100 Face Orientation CVD Diamond White Rough Diamond Price
a, cutting tools for non-ferrous and non-metallic materials.
b, dressers for wheel dressing
c, a variety of specialty knives
d, burnishing tools, cutting tools
e, wear parts
f, wire drawing dies
g, seeds for CVD diamond
h, optical window
i, gem


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