Loose Round diamond 0.02-0.03 Carat VG VVS-SI HPHT Loose Melee Diamonds

Diamond Carat Weight:0.02-0.03ct
Diamond Certificates: IGI
Diamond Shape: Round Brilliant Cut
White Diamond Color: E
Cut: Excellent
Clarity: VVS--SI
Application: Fine Jewelry


Melee Diamonds are tiny diamonds used in jewelry, usually to highlight the center stone on engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, and stud earrings. These are pretty much all Melee Diamonds.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) officially defines Melee Diamonds as diamonds less than 0.2 carats. Although these are the largest Melee Diamonds, they can be as small as 0.001 carats.

Melee Diamonds complement larger center diamonds and can be paired with plain, simple rings to make them dazzling. Melee Diamonds make the halo and pavé settings so captivating.



As with larger diamond cutters, the price of melee diamonds depends on the quality of the cutter and the size of the diamond. Since melee diamonds are much smaller diamonds, they are not very valuable on their own.

The price of melee diamonds is calculated by the total carat weight of the package, not per diamond.

For mid-grade melee diamonds, melee diamonds typically range from $100 to $180 per carat. Higher-grade diamonds, such as diamonds with VVS/VS clarity and colors above H or I, can fetch up to $300 per carat.

 melee diamonds for sale
studded with melee diamonds around the earrings


Diamonds are made in a laboratory, not mined from the earth. These aren't fakes, cubic zircons, or crystals. They have the same chemical composition as diamonds on Earth. As a result, the FTC announced in the summer of 2018 that the cost was about 40 percent lower than the cost of diamond mining.

lab-made diamonds are a controversial issue in the gem industry. The cost of production laboratory training is quite high. We bring the best quality laboratory-grown diamonds with excellent cutting and polishing procedures. We believe that lab-grown diamonds are also lifetime diamonds.

Hydray has been mined for years, and it is still being mined and brought to market every day. We say that diamonds mined from the earth will never stop being mined, and lab-grown diamonds will never stop being grown in laboratories using the latest technology.

We are manufacturers and wholesalers of lab-grown diamonds, CVD diamonds, high temperature, and high-pressure diamonds

Available sizes and clarity: 0.01-2.99 CT DF-MN VVS, VS, Si


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