China's advantage in the production of CVD diamonds

In terms of CVD diamonds, China, the United States, India, and Singapore are all important producers. At present, China takes the lead in the production of high-quality large-carat CVD diamonds in terms of technology and scale, while American enterprises such as De Beers invest nearly $100 million in CVD diamond production factories to expand production. In the rough production of cultivating diamonds, Chinese enterprises Shanghai Zhengshi and Hangzhou Chaooran are one of the few high-quality large-carat diamond producers in the world, while Ningbo Crystal Diamond of The Chinese Academy of Sciences is also an important CVD diamond producer. Due to the strong demand for CVD diamonds in the international market, the above enterprises and other CVD manufacturers in China are actively expanding their production capacity. It is estimated that more than 2,000 new CVD equipment will be added in 2023, and the total installed capacity will be double that of 2022. As the epidemic has delayed production, it is difficult for other countries to produce high-quality CVD diamonds, which gives Chinese enterprises great opportunities. At the Shanghai World Expo in November 2020, the 12.75-carat F VVS2 round diamond released by Shanghai Zhengshi is the largest high-quality CVD diamond in the world at present, which also marks the maturity of high-quality, large-carat CVD diamond cultivation technology. Therefore, Chinese enterprises will remain the main supplier of CVD diamonds for a certain period of time, which is also the reason why many capital and institutions pay attention to THE production of CVD diamonds.

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