7*7*4.2mm rough diamond cvd lab made diamonds

Certificate Type:IGI
Brand Name:Hydray
Diamond Carat Weight:0.050 kg
Diamond Shape:Square
Fancy Diamond Color:White
Diamond Clarity:VS1
Diamond Cut:Good
Product Name:uncut CVD rough diamond
Application:loose diamond making

What are Rough diamond cvd lab made?

Rough diamond cvd lab made is a method of making synthetic diamonds. The process involves passing a gas mixture (usually methane and hydrogen) through methods such as high-powered microwaves or spark discharges, creating an ionized gas or plasma.

Then, in a closed high-temperature, high-pressure reaction chamber, the gas mixture is directed over a seed crystal, where it deposits on the surface of the seed crystal to form new diamond crystals.

This method allows the growth of large quantities of diamond crystals in a relatively short period of time, and the quality of these crystals is comparable to that of natural diamonds. As a result, CVD-grown diamonds are gaining popularity in gemstone and industrial applications.

Product display

Hydray -Professional salesperson is checking and checking the CVD laboratory to cultivate rough diamonds

CVD Cultivation Diamond Reference: Chemical Vapor Depositation

Advantages of CVD-grown diamond rough

  • Controllability: The CVD growth process can be controlled very precisely, and parameters such as the size, shape, color, and impurity content of diamond crystals can be controlled.
  • High purity: Rough diamonds grown by CVD typically have much lower levels of impurities than natural or other synthetic diamonds.
  • Customizability: CVD diamond blanks can be customized according to needs, and crystals of different shapes and sizes can be grown to meet the needs of different applications.
  • Sustainability: The CVD growth process is sustainable and enables the mass production of rough diamonds without the negative environmental impact of mining or other diamond manufacturing processes.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The production cost of CVD rough diamonds is much lower than that of natural diamonds or other synthetic diamonds, and the production process is more controllable, which can reduce the failure rate and waste rate of products and improve production efficiency.


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