Artificial CVD diamonds, diamonds can also be cultivated?

First, let me tell you what is CVD diamond. It is a diamond made from natural diamonds from South Africa, grown in the laboratory by chemical precipitation into the element of pure carbon. In simple terms, CVD diamond is really grown diamond.

Cultivated CVD diamonds are exactly the same as South African diamonds, both in terms of material composition and appearance. These can be certified by the International IGI Diamond Testing Institute and the GIA Diamond Testing Institute. CVD diamonds are much less expensive compared to South African diamonds.

would you choose natural or CVD

would you choose natural or CVD

Why is there such a big price difference between the two?

The conditions for the formation of natural diamonds in South Africa are very harsh. Diamonds are first brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions, and most diamonds lie in a tube, or "throat," of a type of rock called kimberlite. This rocky conduit runs from the crust to the surface like a subterranean conduit. Mining requires a lot of manpower and material resources. When someone has a monopoly, the market price can be well controlled. However, carbon atoms split from the methane gas of the CVD diamond deposited on the "seed diamond" and "grew" at a rate of 0.007 millimeters per hour. In a laboratory setting, a 1-carat diamond can be "grown" within a few months. Its hardness and purity are comparable to natural diamonds, but the price is only one-sixth of natural diamonds.

Many people have a soft spot for diamonds, but because natural diamonds are rare and expensive, many consumers are discouraged. With the advent of synthetic CVD diamonds, every woman's carat dreams come true.

If it were you, would you choose natural or CVD?

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