5 factors that affect diamond clarity!

1. Size

When all factors are equal, the larger and more obvious the inclusions, the lower the clarity grade of the diamond.

2. Quantity

When all other factors are equal, the more reflections of inclusions or inclusions that are visible frontal under a 10x magnifying glass, the greater their effect on clarity grade.

3. Location

Refers to the location of inclusions. The closer the inclusions are to the center of the desktop, the greater their impact on clarity levels. Also, if a diamond has very small inclusions, but it happens to be in the pavilion, reflection will make the diamond appear to have a lot of inclusions.

4. Relief

The contrast between the inclusion and the diamond. In general, the more the inclusions differ from the diamond in brightness, darkness, or color, the more pronounced it will be and the greater the impact on clarity.

5. Nature

Refers to the type of feature and its intrinsic effect on the diamond. In other words, some inclusions or blemishes may have a greater impact on clarity than others.

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