Strong fire, excellent price, strong choice, new consumer choice

(1) Strong fire color

As we all know, an important reason for the popularity of diamonds is that they have a strong fire color. However, with high-quality cuts, the fire color of synthetic diamonds is stronger and brighter than that of natural diamonds.

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Fire color strong artificial diamond

(2) Cheap price

According to a recent report by the Financial Times, the production cost of a 1-carat synthetic diamond has dropped significantly from around US$4,000 in 2008 to between US$300 and US$500. A substantial reduction in cost is bound to lower the price of polished diamonds: In September 2018, the average price of 1 carat synthetic diamonds sold by the synthetic diamond brand "Lightbox Jewelry" launched by diamond giant De Beers was only around US$800.

Cheap synthetic diamonds

(3) The size can be selected

Large-carat diamonds such as "pigeon eggs" have always been a dream of consumers. However, the limited production and high price of large-carat diamonds have made many consumers' dreams of "pigeon eggs" shattered. Nowadays, technology fulfills your dreams. The synthesis of large particles of "jewelry diamonds" cultivated in China has met market demand, and with technological innovation, perhaps the size of synthetic diamonds in the future is just a matter of numbers.

Natural "pigeon egg" diamond

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