Big Size Lab Grown HPHT White Rough Diamond

Certificate Type:IGI
Brand Name:Hydray
Type:Synthetic (lab created)
Carat Weight:rough 0.1ct to 10.0ct
color:E F G color

What is HPHT White Diamond Rough?

HPHT White Rough Diamond is a natural rough diamond that has been treated with high pressure and high temperature (HPHT). It is usually white or clear in color, sometimes with a faint yellow or brown tinge. HPHT treatment is an artificial treatment that speeds up the process of naturally forming diamonds by simulating the high-pressure, high-temperature conditions inside the Earth. This treatment can make the color of the diamond more pure and transparent, and improve the optical properties of the diamond. Rough white diamonds treated with HPHT are often cut and polished into high-quality diamond gemstones for use in jewelry and more.

Quality of the rough white HPHT diamond :

Clarity: VS

Color: E F G

Purity: very clean

Harness: 10

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Advantages of HPHT White Rough Diamond

The properties of synthetic diamonds depend on the manufacturing process. Some synthetic diamonds have properties such as hardness, thermal conductivity, and electron mobility that are superior to most naturally occurring diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are widely used in abrasives, cutting and polishing tools, and heat sinks.

Reference: Wikipedia


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