3.0-4.0 Carat Lab Grown Rough Diamonds Synthetic Big Size White HPHT Diamond

Product Name: Lab Grown Diamond
Diamond Carat Weight: 3.0-4.0 Carat
Diamond Shape: Round
Diamond Clarity: Vs Si
Diamond Color: White-def
MOQ: 10 Carat
Application: Jewelry Decorations
High Light: 4.0 Carat Lab Grown Rough Diamonds, 3ct Lab Grown Rough Diamonds, HPHT Lab Grown Rough Diamonds

Product Description

We are offering rough synthetic diamonds in Zhengzhou, China. Synthetic Diamonds are lab grown diamonds similar to natural diamonds. they are real diamonds, they have similar chemical, physical properties to natural diamonds.

Nobody can visibly identity differences between natural and synthetic diamonds without lab testing. they are available 20-30% at a lower price than natural ones with higher purity, cut. Available at the best market rates. No synthetic diamonds are becoming more and more popular.

Brand Name Henan Hydray
Product name lab grown diamond
Diamond Type Synthetic (lab created)
Diamond Carat Weight 3.0-4.0 carat
Diamond Shape round
Diamond Clarity vs si
Diamond color white
Certificate None
MOQ 10 carat
Application Jewelry Decorations

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