Major brands of cultivating diamonds at home and abroad

1. In 2018, De Beers, the world's largest diamond manufacturer, launched a new brand called Lightbox Jewelry, which will be the only jewelry brand under the group that uses technical synthetic diamonds provided by its subsidiary Element Six Diamond Laboratory.

2. Diama was founded in May 2016, and all its product series are made of cultivated diamonds from Swarovski. After being included in Atelier Swarovski, the retail price of Diama brand jewelry starts at $595. Atelier Swarovski is a division of the Swarovski Group that focuses on high-end fashion and luxury jewelry.

3. James Allen-the brand of Signet Jewelers, the largest diamond jewelry retailer in the United States, 4. Grown with Love-Buffett's Richline Group, launched the cultivated diamond brand Grown with Love in offline retail channels.

5. Diamond Foundry is a laboratory-grown diamond brand in the United States, from MIT, Stanford and Princeton PhD technical teams; diamonds are "cultivated" by putting a small piece of natural diamond "seed" into a plasma reactor.

6. GRANDMATIC is a fashion jewelry and jewelry brand owned by Goodyear Commercial, a well-known superhard material processing manufacturer in Japan.

7. Fenix ​​diamonds is a new brand launched by New Zealand brand Michael Hill. This is the first time the brand has launched a natural diamond substitute in Australia.

8. JC Jewels, a well-known diamond dealer in Australia and New Zealand, provides retailers with a wealth of diamond products, including natural colorless diamonds, laboratory-grown colorless diamonds and Argyle pink diamonds.

9. MULTICOLOUR, a light luxury jewelry brand under Zhengzhou Huajing Diamond Co., Ltd., is committed to developing laboratory-grown diamonds and applying them to the design of women's light luxury fashion jewelry.

10. The domestic cultivated diamond brand CARAXY is a brand owned by CARAXY Diamond Technology Limted. Its ultimate mission is to create a green and environmentally friendly boutique diamond jewelry gallery for consumers. Here, diamond jewelry is no longer a collection in the safe, but a work of art that can be worn at any time.

11. The cultivated diamond brand DIAMOND ROSE is derived from the internationally excellent integrated operation platform for cultivated diamonds-Zhengyuan Hanshang Jewelry, committed to let the world appreciate the brilliance of cultivated diamonds in China.

12. Brisa&Relucir Pauline Klin, a light luxury brand of cultivated diamonds in China and Europe under Yu Diamond, with colorful diamonds combined with ever-changing designs, rich in styles and easy to consume. B&R is committed to creating a diversified product line featuring fashion technology diamonds, making everyone's diamond dream within reach.

13. VINKKI, a light luxury jewelry brand from Finland. In the past few years, VINKKI jewelry opened experience stores in Shenzhen and Zhengzhou, and gradually established a huge laboratory to cultivate a diamond empire

14. Shanghai Wald Diamonds Anndia Jewelry is a jeweler who knows more about black diamonds. Combining black with modern women's hearts and temperament, let the mysterious power of black diamonds enhance female aura, enhance self-confidence, and see the most beautiful in independence and individuality Own.

15. New diamonds, as a diamond brand cultivated by Yunnan Qinglian Jewelry Co., Ltd., require professional and technical personnel to check from the original stone blank cultivation, cutting process, and finished loose stone grading to ensure the unique brilliance of each new diamond.

16. Shikailin Diamond, a brand of Shandong Liaocheng Junrui Superhard Material Co., Ltd., focuses on satisfying customers' personalized customization needs with original designs, and adheres to the concept of "only making jewelry with temperature".

17. Zhengzhou Yushang Diamond Co., Ltd. provides a variety of laboratory diamonds and related products to meet the special requirements of different customers.

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