Cat hair can be made into diamonds?

99.99% of the elements in diamonds are carbon. Whether it is pet hair or human hair, it contains a certain amount of carbon.

Through modern technology, the carbon in the hair is extracted and purified, and then the high-temperature and high-pressure process simulating the natural environment is used to crystallize the carbon extracted from the hair. Finally, it is cut and polished by professional craftsmen to give birth to a shining diamond.

The main component of hair is carbon, the same as diamonds, which is why the two can be converted into diamonds.

So, are pet hair diamonds real diamonds?

Whether it is artificial diamonds cultivated from pet hair or naturally mined diamonds, there is no difference in physical, chemical and optical properties. The well-known international jewelry appraisal agency GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has already confirmed in 2018 that laboratory-grown diamonds belong to the diamond category, and the same 4C standards as natural diamonds are used in the appraisal process.

Such artificially created diamonds are also known as lab-grown diamonds.

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