Buying a wedding ring with a budget of 10,000 yuan, is it better to buy artificial diamonds or natural diamonds?

First, let's see the difference between the two.

Lab-grown diamonds: Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that have been grown artificially. It is a crystal with the same appearance, chemical composition and crystal structure as a natural diamond. The Mohs hardness is 10, the density is 3.52, the refractive index is 2.417, and the dispersion value is 0.044

Natural Diamonds: Natural diamonds refer to polished diamonds, which are a natural mineral, the rough diamond. Simply put, natural diamonds are carbon crystals formed deep in the earth under conditions of high pressure and high temperature. The formation of natural diamonds takes a long time, hundreds of billions of years. It is a non-renewable resource and very rare.

The above introduces what is cultivated drills and natural drills. In fact, the difference between them lies in the word "natural". The cultivated drill is artificial cultivation, and the natural drill is formed naturally. It is far more valuable and more expensive than a cultivated drill.

Lab-grown diamond ring DE VS

So if your purchase budget is within 10,000 yuan, I personally recommend buying breeding diamonds.

There are three reasons:

1. If your budget is 10,000 yuan, you can buy a 1-carat artificial diamond, but if you buy a natural diamond, it only costs 23 cents.

2. The greater significance of wedding rings is to commemorate. Most people don't buy wedding rings to collect, and the smaller the carat of the diamond, the less valuable the natural diamond is.

3. There is not much difference between cultivated diamonds and natural diamonds, and the naked eye cannot distinguish them.

Finally, a wedding ring is an absolute must-have item for a wedding. As for buying man-made diamonds or natural diamonds, it often depends on what more girls think. Some girls think that natural diamonds are real diamonds, and that rare things are more expensive. Buying natural diamonds can represent the precious love between each other.

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