Automatic broken drill screening (AMS2)

The AMS2 (Automated Melee Screening) instrument provided by the De Beers Group Industry Service Department represents a major technological advancement in the field of drilling and screening.

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Automatic broken drill screening (AMS2) 2

As the crystallization of De Beers Group's world-leading expertise in diamond research, this is a revolutionary testing technology, and its submission rate for further testing is much lower than its predecessor equipment.

Compared with the previous generation of AMS equipment, the working speed of the AMS2 instrument is much faster, the range of diamond sizes and shapes that can be identified is larger, and the identification of small-size diamonds is expanded, and the price is lower.

Approximately 99% of colorless and near-colorless diamonds will pass the test without further inspection. For all synthetic diamonds, imitation diamonds, and less than 1% natural diamonds, AMS2 will submit for further testing. These types of gems can be further tested on DiamondView.

The equipment has the following characteristics:
1. Automatic feed and sorting
2. Low submission rate; can detect synthetic diamonds by the CVD method and HPHT method
3. Speed: up to 3,600 gems detected per hour
4. Cut: round brilliant cut and many fancy cuts
5. Gem specifications: round brilliant cut: 0.0032 carats-0.2 carats; fancy cut: 0.01 carats-0.2 carats
6. Color range: colorless/close to colorless
7. There is a reliability margin in all color ranges
8. Fully embedded system without external PC

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