| Optics

Due to production know-how, we have an opportunity to grow the purest type IIa diamond plates of large sizes without any losses of unique properties of a diamond, which create new opportunities for optics production.

Crystal-clear diamond plates up to ½ inch sizes, retaining their extreme hardness and high coefficient of thermal conductivity have a high demand in medical, military, aerospace and research industries; they are highly used in particle acceleration process, laser systems, analytical instruments and other high-power equipment.

Our diamond components can be used as UV and IR windows, laser optics components, lenses for gyrotrons, monochromators and X-ray focusing equipment, particle detectors and even to increase the quality of information transmission. Due to it’s high refractive index an optical diamond element can minimize information losses during transmission of a signal with the highest safety level in addition to the capacity increase.


| Production

We actively develop Jewelry, Industrial and Scientific international market sectors. We explore innovative approaches and technologies to improve the quality of Lab Grown Diamonds rough. The company is focused on partnership with international research institutes and innovative companies to create mutually-beneficial collaboration with the main purpose – to contribute the whole Lab Grown Diamonds rough market. 

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large sizes 1.0 - 10.0 ct

colorless and fancy blue

different shapes and clarity

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2.5 x 2.5 - 15.0 x 15.0 mm

multi- and mono-sectorial

IIa and IIb types

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diameter 2.60 - 4.15 mm

smooth and faceted

up to 100 GPa

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Lenses for spectrometers

X-Ray refractive lenses

Intraocular (IOL)


| Custom projects

If you don't find a desired product - contact our manager or form a personal order 

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