The process of grinding an uncut rough diamond into a bare diamond

With the development of society and the improvement of people's economic level, more and more people are buying diamonds now. Even though the price of diamonds is high, they cannot resist people's enthusiasm for diamonds. Although there are many people who buy diamonds, few people really know about diamonds. Let's learn today how to cut and grind a rough diamond into a bare diamond.

The first is tagging.

This step should not only maintain the maximum weight of the diamond as much as possible but also minimize the content to reflect the value of the diamond as high as possible. Karena itu, markers need to be experienced and proficient in machining techniques. Pertama, they should use a magnifying glass to study the structure of the diamond blank. In the case of a large pellet drill, the work can take months or even years, and then Indian ink is used to divide the blank of the diamond to mark its natural texture;

Kedua, divide the raw stone.

Most diamonds are not suitable for splitting and need to be cut with a saw. Saw blades are phosphor bronze blades with edges coated with diamond powder and lubricant. Modern laser technology introduced diamond cutting, but also greatly improve the diamond blank processing efficiency; The diamond blank is then formed, fixed on a high-speed rotary lathe, and then the rotary diamond blank is cut into round, heart, oval, olive tip, emerald and other common flower shapes or other special shapes according to the design requirements. The hardness of diamonds varies slightly in different directions, so we should rely on experience to master the basic forms of diamonds;


the car grinds out all the petals on a cast iron disc with cast iron lube coated with diamond powder and lube. Seiko cuts the diamond to produce petals whose surface positions and angles are precisely calculated to maximize the shine of the diamond.

A brilliant diamond can only be formed through the above steps, without one. If a diamond is not cut well, it will affect the price of the diamond.

uncut rough diamond

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