उच्च गुणवत्ता प्रयोगशाला निर्मित HTHP हीरा रंग D/E/F/G स्पष्टता VS/VVS1-2 कच्चा माल पत्थर

रत्न प्रकार:कृत्रिम (लैब बनाया)
रत्न का रंग:सफेद
रत्न का आकार:raw material stone
रत्न का आकार:1.3-4.5मिमी
आवेदन:jewelry making/clothes/pandent/ring/watch/earing/necklace/bracelet
Main market:Americas,दक्षिण - पूर्व एशिया,Indan,यूरोप,Thailand
Popular use cutting:pear/princess/marquise/rose/oval/diamond/flower

What Is Lab Created HTHP Diamond?

HTHP is short for "उच्च तापमान और उच्च दबाव" diamond processing technology.

HTHP is a technical method for processing diamonds, developed by GE in the United States.

Lab created HTHP diamond technology refers to treating diamonds in a high temperature and high-pressure environment of 10G Pa and 3000 degrees to improve the quality and color of diamonds. After HTHP treatment, the color of diamonds will be deepened and become colored diamonds. हालाँकि, not all diamonds can withstand such conditions. HTTP's requirements for diamonds are that they must have a color of J or above, and be free of impurities and high clarity.

hpht diamond spot stock
Hpht डायमंड स्पॉट स्टॉक

HPHT Diamond Product Details

सामग्री :
HPHT diamond raw material stone
आकार :
raw material stone
Shape provides:
गोल,Octagan,अंडाकार,तकिया,Triangle,Marquise,Radiant,Trillion,दिल,Pear/Baguette/square/hexagon/pentagon/emerald/tapered/tear drop,आदि.
रंग :

स्पष्टता :

Payment :
Bank transfer, West Union, Paypal, टी/टी, Trade Assurance, HSBC of HongKong
डीएचएल, FedEx,, UBX, ईएम,UPS

उत्पाद वर्णन

What Is HPHT Diamond Clarity?

The clarity of a diamond. A diamond is a natural mineral, which may contain some other minerals or natural flaws such as cracks. The fewer these inclusions, the rarer and more valuable they are. इसलिए, they can be classified according to the size, number, रंग, location, and characteristics of their inclusions. (The classification of clarity grade shall be subject to 10X magnification observation.)

फ्लोरिडा -- IF Grade Clarity: "फ्लोरिडा" = No defect grade: Grade without inclusions or defects. A flawless diamond. IF= Flawless: without inherent flaws. In this grade of clarity, the outside of the diamond is slightly scratched, but the inside is completely unblemished. These two types of clarity diamonds are extremely rare, but they are also the most beautiful.

Vvs1 -- 2 स्पष्टता: Very minor defect grade. The clarity of Vvs1 diamonds is slightly better than VVS2 diamonds. These levels of clarity. This is the highest quality diamond clarity we can find in most jewelry stores. Diamonds of this clarity grade have beautiful brightness.

Vs1 -- 2 Transparency: Slight defect level. The clarity of VS1-grade diamonds is slightly better than that of VS2-grade diamonds. These diamonds contain inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye. The price is a few points lower than the high-end clear. Diamonds of this clarity grade are very beautiful and very valuable.


Si1 -- 2 Transparency: Slight defect. The clarity of SI1-grade diamonds is slightly better than that of SI2-grade diamonds. Diamond inclusions of this clarity grade can only be seen by professionals with a magnifying glass. Diamonds of this clarity have a unique price and value.

P1 Clarity grade: These diamonds have significant inclusions. Diamond Express classifies this grade of clarity as non-quality diamonds. While you may find this clarity grade in some places, Diamond Express does not recommend this clarity grade.

P2 -- 3 स्पष्टता: A low level of clarity that grabs people's attention. Diamond Express does not recommend this level of clarity.

Pure diamonds are the most popular, but also the most expensive. But many diamonds have inclusions, scratches, mineral marks, or other small features that can detract from their purity. The NGTC, परिवार, and HRD organizations use a series of detailed rules and standards to outline the quantity, origin, model number, and type of inclusions of diamonds.

Hydray's hot-selling HPHT diamond products are concentrated in VVS1-2, VS1-2, and SI1-2, which are suitable for mass purchase. You are welcome to purchase! Hydray factory wholesale, the retail market at home and abroad.

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