Some truth about lab grown diamonds vs cubic zirconia

Synthetic can mean artificial, or even fake. Synthetic can also mean artificial, copied, unreal, or even imitated. So what do we mean by "synthetic diamonds" in this case? In the field of gemology, synthesis is a highly technical term. Technically, synthetic gemstones are artificial crystals with the same crystal structure and chemical composition as the

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The naked eye identification of rough diamonds should start from the following aspects: (1) Observe the gloss Because a diamond has a special diamond luster, it is an important feature to distinguish other colorless and transparent minerals (or materials). Although some artificial materials are close to diamonds in some physical and chemical properties, they can

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ราคาเพชร Lab Grown ถูกมาก! ทำไมไม่มีใครกล้าซื้อ?

The claim that lab grown diamonds are cheaper is a bit exaggerated, but they are cheaper than natural diamonds. The so-called no one buys lab diamonds? ในปัจจุบัน, the foreign market has a high acceptance of cultivated diamonds, and the domestic market has a certain audience. It depends more on whether we know what a

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ถ้าฉันซื่อสัตย์กับคุณเกี่ยวกับเพชร, โอกาสเป็นหลุมเป็นศูนย์.

In 2018, the first year of Chinese diamond cultivation, the three-year boom accounted for almost half of the world's total production. As a consumer, it is a new thing. What is it really like to grow a diamond? With every new thing comes a bumper harvest of leeks. If we grow diamonds, let's be honest, …

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การเปรียบเทียบทางเทคนิคของ HPHT และ CVD

(1) The CVD technology is advanced, the purity is high but the color is poor, so it is used in the high-tech field: Large particle size: ในปัจจุบัน, all bare diamonds above 1.5ct are produced by CVD technology; Color difference: In order to increase production capacity, manufacturers will add nitrogen to accelerate the growth of

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