Cultivated diamonds are really fragrant! I feel like I'll never buy a natural diamond again. Why are lab-grown diamonds worth buying?

Many friends do not choose natural diamonds just because they want to pay less IQ tax. Everyone knows what Zhang Yuqi said. Broken diamonds under one carat are worthless. Take one-fifth of the money to buy diamond rings to buy cultivated diamonds, and buy the rest into gold bars, which is not only brilliant but also saves money and value. Simply delicious! So why are lab-grown diamonds worth buying?

पहला: cultivated and natural diamonds are exactly the same.

The खेती वाले हीरे are different from the previous diamond substitutes zircon and kyanite and are exactly the same as natural diamonds in chemical composition, lattice structure, and physical properties. , so the naked eye cannot distinguish between the two. Lab-grown diamonds are high-tech instruments grown in a natural environment that simulates the environment required for the production of natural diamonds, so all characteristics are identical to those of natural diamonds.lab grown diamond ring

The parameters of man-made diamonds are exactly the same as the 4Cs of natural diamonds. A man-made diamond is a real diamond, it has the same chemical, भौतिक, परमाणु, optical and all characteristics as a natural diamond. The International Identification Station has made their voices heard. Only by testing the value with a large instrument can we know which is a cultivated diamond and which is a natural diamond.

दूसरा: buy cultivated diamonds of better quality.

After a diamond is grown in a laboratory, the size, clarity and color of the grown diamond can be controlled manually. The diamonds produced are of higher purity, not only of good quality and low price, but also can be cultivated into various colors according to people's needs.

ring grown diamonds

उदाहरण के लिए, diamonds of D color VVS1 grade cannot be found in jewelry stores at all, but the price is very expensive. It costs hundreds of thousands to start, and the cultivation of diamonds of this grade only costs about 6,000.

Third: Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper.

The price of a 1-carat natural loose diamond is often tens of thousands or even nearly 100,000 युआन, while the price of cultivated loose diamonds is only a few thousand yuan. Some netizens joked after buying the lab-grown diamonds: "Diamonds made me realize the freedom of diamonds." Lab-grown diamonds are not only beautiful, but also very affordable, so they are quickly accepted by young people.

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The price of a 1-carat cultivated diamond varies from 5,000 yuan to 10,000 युआन, depending on the grade, and rarely exceeds 10,000 युआन. Double certificate means that a diamond has the identification certificate of GIA (अमेरिका का जेमोलॉजिकल इंस्टीट्यूट), इंदिरा गांधी अंतरराष्ट्रीय (International Gemological Institute) and NGTC (National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center). If the test results of the two institutions are the same, the grade of the diamond is not in dispute.

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