Your Best Guide to Synthetic Diamonds


With the wedding season upon us, can you feel the love in the air? Are you looking for the perfect frame for your engagement or anniversary to gift your partner? If the diamond rings available in the market are a little out of your budget, then don't worry as there is something else that can be your solution- a synthetic diamondGet the same shine of a naturally occurring diamond from a much more ethical industry with a lab-created diamond. It doesn't matter if your budget is not allowing you to get yourself a naturally occurring diamond or the news surrounding the unethical practices that go on in the diamond industry. You can still enjoy its Beauty with the lab-created diamond rings. If you have never heard about it before, you have come to the right place, as this comprehensive guide will help you understand everything about CVD diamond price

Lab-Made but Very Much Real!

These lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic rough diamonds, are real diamonds like the naturally occurring ones. There is a huge misconception that an HPHT synthetic rough diamond is misleading and should not be labeled one. If you look at the physical optical and chemical properties of a diamond that has been mined from the crust of the earth and compared to the lab-grown one, you will find no differences. The only difference between the two is that one is created in a controlled environment inside the laboratory. The naturally occurring one is due to environmental factors over millions of years. This is why if you keep one lab-grown diamond beside a naturally occurring one, you won't be able to differentiate which is what. 

However, keep in mind that a synthetic diamond is not the same as diamond simulants. Cubic zirconia and moissanite may look like diamonds; however, they have very different optical and chemical properties than lab-created naturally occurring diamonds. They have a physical property that may resemble real diamonds; however, differences can be found pretty easily if you look closely. 

Some Reasons Why Lab-made Diamonds Are a Better Pick

There are many reasons why a synthetic rough diamond is praised and chosen over naturally occurring. Now that your concerns about whether a synthetic diamond is a real diamond have been solved, there is no reason why a lab-grown diamond should be considered anything inferior. After all, most people won't differentiate between the two, and the main reason people buy diamond rings is that a lab-grown one does not compromise aesthetic nature. The number of people fusing lab-grown diamonds over naturally occurring ones is slowly increasing. We can understand that they are being worn over by all the fantastic benefits of purchasing a lab-grown diamond. Here are some of the reasons that are changing people's minds, and maybe it can change yours as well: 

·        Lab-grown diamonds are much less expensive. 

The synthetic rough diamond price is much lower than a naturally occurring diamond of the same size and Quality. Human-made diamonds are grown in the lab under a controlled environment, which means that they can be mass-produced. This also means that it is not as rare as naturally occurring diamonds; therefore, it can be made in an affordable price range. Most people, especially the younger generation, do not want to break their banks for an engagement ring, and therefore, this is a fantastic option for them. 

·        Lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced. 

 The diamond industry is one of the worst industries regarding human rights violations. Many have criticized this industry due to its poor working conditions and extreme human exploitation. Many humanitarian organizations also show how the diamond industry employs child labor in harsh environments. All these reports of human rights violations have made many people disgusted at the diamond industry, and many have also vowed never to purchase naturally occurring diamond jewelry. These individuals can happily turn to a lab-grown diamond as these inhuman conditions are not present here grown in a lab. 

·        Better Quality of the diamond can be ensured as a controlled environment is present. 

Amazingly, the lower CVD diamond price does not mean a cheaper quality diamond. It is the opposite because lab-grown diamonds are grown in a controlled environment, and therefore every single diamond is produced under the optimal condition for the best quality diamond. This is not possible for naturally occurring ones as it depends upon many environmental factors which are continuously in flux. 


Now that you can understand that lab-created diamonds are also real diamonds, there is no reason why you should not go for an HPHT synthetic rough diamond. You cannot buy a naturally occurring diamond at the same rate as an artificial rough diamond price. With the peace of mind, it provides, considering that it is ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, it is the perfect engagement ring option for a sustainable future. Check out lab-grown diamonds for yourself, and you will truly realize what an intelligent alternative it is to all the problems associated with a naturally occurring diamond.

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