What shortcoming does CVD artificial diamond change color after treatment?

This problem is very professional, the purpose of CVD artificial color modification is to optimize its color white. Due to the technical limitations of CVD synthetic diamonds, the color of synthetic diamonds produced by CVD is a little more yellow than that of HTHP. Generally, the best color level can only reach H color, and FG color is rare. And we sometimes see CVD synthetic diamonds with DE color, this kind of synthetic diamond is the raw stone after crystallization has been irradiated, otherwise, the color level can not reach so high.

And DE color synthetic diamond, if not need irradiation treatment, only maybe HTHP method.

What is the most important disadvantage?

The biggest disadvantage is the irradiation residual, because irradiation residual if worn, will have an impact on people, the specific degree of residual, is not sure, and no one can guarantee that it will be OK, so in order to avoid it, try not to buy color processing CVD synthetic diamonds.

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