What is the import amount of India's cultivated diamond rough rough in May 2022?

According to the latest import and export data released by India, in May 2022, India cultivated diamond rough import amount of $110 million, up 45.95% year on year; The export value of cultivated bare diamonds reached 177 million US dollars, up 137.33% year on year and hitting a record high.

In May 2022, India's import of raw diamond was usd 1.433 billion, up 13.84% year on year; The export volume of natural diamond naked diamonds was us $2.089 billion, up 4.20% year on year.

From January to May 2022, India imported 720 million USD of cultivated rough diamond. From January to May 2022, India exported 707 million usd of cultivated naked diamonds.

On the whole, it still continues to rise high, and the prosperity of the industry is up.

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