VS VVS Grade A HPHT Lab Grown Diamonds

Specification of Lab Grown Diamond

Code # Grade Carat Weight Clarity Size
04A A 0.2-0.4ct VVS VS 3.0-4.0mm
06A A 0.4-0.6ct VVS VS 4.0-4.5mm
08A A 0.6-0.8ct VVS-SI1 4.0-5.0mm
08B B 0.6-0.8ct SI1-SI2 4.0-5.0mm
08C C 0.6-0.8ct SI2-I1 4.0-5.0mm
08D D 0.6-0.8ct I1-I3 4.0-5.0mm
10A A 0.8-1.0ct VVS-SI1 4.5-5.5mm
10B B 0.8-1.0ct SI1-SI2 4.5-5.5mm
10C C 0.8-1.0ct SI2-I1 4.5-5.5mm
10D D 0.8-1.0ct I1-I3 4.5-5.5mm
15A A 1.0-1.5ct VVS-SI1 5.0-6.0mm
15B B 1.0-1.5ct SI1-SI2 5.0-6.0mm
15C C 1.0-1.5ct SI2-I1 5.0-6.0mm
15D D 1.0-1.5ct I1-I3 5.0-6.0mm
20A A 1.5-2.0ct VVS-SI1 5.5-6.5mm
20B B 1.5-2.0ct SI1-SI2 5.5-6.5mm
20C C 1.5-2.0ct SI2-I1 5.5-6.5mm
20D D 1.5-2.0ct I1-I3 5.5-6.5mm
25A A 2.0-2.5ct VVS-SI1 6.5-7.5mm
25B B 2.0-2.5ct SI1-SI2 6.5-7.5mm
25C C 2.0-2.5ct SI2-I1 6.5-7.5mm
25D D 2.0-2.5ct I1-I3 6.5-7.5mm
30A A 2.5-3.0ct VVS-SI1 7.0-8.0mm
30B B 2.5-3.0ct SI1-SI2 7.0-8.0mm
30C C 2.5-3.0ct SI2-I1 7.0-8.0mm
30D D 2.5-3.0ct I1-I3 7.0-8.0mm
35A A 3.0-3.5ct VVS-SI1 7.0-8.5mm
35B B 3.0-3.5ct SI1-SI2 7.0-8.5mm
35C C 3.0-3.5ct SI2-I1 7.0-8.5mm
35D D 3.0-3.5ct I1-I3 7.0-8.5mm
40A A 3.5-4.0ct VVS-SI1 8.5-9.0mm
40B B 3.5-4.0ct SI1-SI2 8.5-9.0mm
40C C 3.5-4.0ct SI2-I1 8.5-9.0mm
40D D 3.5-4.0ct I1-I3 8.5-9.0mm
50A A 4.0-5.0ct VVS-SI1 7.5-9.5mm
50B B 4.0-5.0ct SI1-SI2 7.5-9.5mm
60A A 5.0-6.0ct VVS-SI1 8.5-10mm
60B B 5.0-6.0ct SI1-SI2 8.5-10mm
70A A 6.0-7.0ct VVS-SI1 9.0-10.5mm
70B B 6.0-7.0ct SI1-SI2 9.0-10.5mm
80A A 7.0-8.0ct VVS-SI1 9.0-11mm
80B B 7.0-8.0ct SI1-SI2 9.0-11mm
80+A A 8.0ct + VVS-SI1 9mm+
80+B B 8.0ct + SI1-SI2 9mm+

Frequent Questions

Q: Is it real diamond or not?

A: It is a real diamond, but grown in the lab, not in natural conditions.

Q: Will the Diamond shines fade away?

A: No

Q: What’s the cost of this lab-grown diamond compared with the natural ones?

A:  It is 30-70% lower than the natural one upon to different weights and clarity.

Q: Can you customize cut the diamond?

A: Yes, we can customize cut the diamond per your requirement.

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