Uses and Prospects of Lab-grown Diamonds

You may wonder, the more and more cultivated diamonds grow, that is not all flooded! Don't worry! Lab-grown diamonds aren't just for jewelry, they are needed in so many fields! The development space of jewelry is predictable, but the development of technology applications is unlimited and the demand is considerable!

a. Jewelry

The fresh source of traditional industries complements natural diamonds, and consumers have more choices. The most intuitive and simple, if you look good and the price is good, there will be a market. After the industrialization of cultivated diamonds, it is time for the brand to speak. Whoever has a good design and who has a strong marketing ability will have the right to set prices.

b. Industry

traditional industries. Oil, mining, production plants, abrasives, will still be needed. As traditional production continues, demand will not stop.

c. Technology

As a pure carbon carrier, diamond has a similar but better performance to Si, with ultra-high thermal conductivity, good light transmittance, stable chemical properties, and almost no wear. After being doped with impurities, it becomes a semiconductor. Diamond is known as a super material, and its applications permeate all walks of life, defense, manufacturing, semiconductors, consumer goods, and more.

Radiation detection, quantum computing using NV centers in diamonds, magnetic imaging, optical prisms, laser windows, diamond dome for speakers (Amplifier for high-end audio), diamond transistor (diamond diode) and so on.

All of these have been confirmed to be feasible, but because cultivated diamonds have not yet reached the stage of mass production with a high degree of uniform quality, it is difficult to meet the quality and quantity needs of the above industries. However, with the advancement of technology, the future can be expected~

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