Synthetic Lab grown uncut raw material 1 ct white rough diamond

Certificate Type:IGI
Diamond Type:Synthetic (lab created)
Diamond Carat Weight:1ct
Diamond Shape:Round Brilliant Cut
Fancy Diamond Color:white
White Diamond Color:D
Diamond Clarity:VVS1
Diamond Cut:Excellent
Technology:High temperature and pressure

1 Carat Lab Grown Created Hpht White Uncut Synthetic Rough Diamond

Synthetic diamonds are grown in a laboratory and have the same chemical composition, crystal structure, and physical properties as natural diamonds. They are not fake diamonds, but they are not natural diamonds.(1 ct white rough diamond)

Natural diamonds have long been the first choice for engagement rings. But now there are some new options.

Previously, synthetic diamonds were only suitable for industrial use, today they are of gem quality. Synthetic gemstones are now available in sizes and colors that make beautiful engagement rings as well as fine fashion jewelry.

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How Are 1 ct White Rough Diamond Cut?

First of all, the diamond should be immersed in a special solution, the overall structure of the diamond should be scanned with a computer, and the shape, crystal orientation, texture, and other factors should be considered, the cutting method should be planned on the special software, and the diamond blank should be marked with Indian ink. Wire.

The rough diamonds are then separated along the lines using specific tools, such as saw blades. The saw blades are usually phosphor bronze discs with diamond dust and lubricant on the edges, and the separate diamonds are further laser cut as designed.

After the rough shape is cut out, a high-speed rotating lathe is used to cut it into circles, hearts, ovals, etc. according to the design requirements, and further processing and forming.

Finally, on a cast iron disc coated with diamond powder and oil, all facets are turned and polished. After the above steps, a shiny diamond is born.


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