किसी न किसी सिंथेटिक हीरा 0.1CT - 12सीटी मानव निर्मित हीरे की कीमत

नाम: Rough Synthetic Diamond
वज़न: 0.1ct-12ct
स्पष्टता: वीवीएस, VS mainly
रंग: डीईएफ़जीएच

उत्पाद विवरण

Rough Synthetic Diamond
ब्रैंड हाइड्रे
रंग Width(डीईएफ़जी)
स्पष्टता फ्लोरिडा,यदि,VVS1,VVS2,VS1,VS2
कट गया 3EX,3VG,GD
आकार 0.01ct-12ct
Application/Usage diamond necklaces, कंगन, के छल्ले
Packaging डिब्बा


Gemstone grade diamonds are made by manual means.

It is a gemstone-grade diamond that uses graphite or diamond powder or a mixture of graphite and diamond powder as a carbon source, dissolves them in Fe-Ni alloy catalyst, and precipitates the carbon dissolved in the catalyst into the high-pressure chamber through the effect of temperature gradient in the reaction chamber at high temperature and ultra-high pressure, and grows on the diamond seed crystal at low temperature.

बेरंग, yellow, green, and blue varieties have been synthesized, most of which are yellow.

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Crystal can be made of the octahedral, घनक्षेत्र, a dodecahedron diamond, the four corners of 38 sides together form, crystal visible specific spiral lines or dendritic growth lines, visible inside the growth of the parallel edge or the simplex lines or growth cone, and even can present the corresponding ribbon or area of color, and along the layer growth or uneven distribution of directional distribution of small inclusions of iron-nickel alloy catalyst.

These yellow and green synthetic diamonds may glow distinctly yellow under shortwave ultraviolet light, and the yellow variety is more likely to be phosphorescent.

The largest known single crystal weighs 11.14 carats and is a pale yellow octahedral anamorphic crystal.


Where do diamonds come from?

Natural diamond

Natural diamonds formed deep in the Earth's crust as early as 3 billion years ago under extreme heat and pressure. Volcanic activity brings them to the surface and hides them in a type of volcanic rock called kimberlite tubes, waiting to be mined. Only about 5 percent of kimberlite pipelines contain enough diamonds to ensure their extraction is economically viable.

lab vs natural diamond
Lab-made CVD diamond rough stone (left), Lab-made HPHT Diamond rough stone (middle), and natural diamond rough stone (right)

Diamonds Made in a lab

Synthetic diamonds suitable for industrial use were first produced in laboratories in the 1950s. Although gem-grade diamonds were first produced in laboratories in 1971, it was not until the first decade of the 21st century that colorless lab-made diamonds entered the gem and jewelry market in large numbers.


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Classification of synthetic diamonds


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