hpht 3-4 ct lab created uncut industrial synthetic rough diamond price

Diamond Type: Synthetic (lab created)
White Diamond Color: E
Diamond Clarity: Si1
Diamond Shape: Round Brilliant Cut

HPHT Diamonds: High-Pressure & High-Temperature

HPHT diamond is the first generation of diamond growth technology. The HPHT technology completely simulates the natural diamond growth process, which occurs in large presses.

A small diamond seed is placed in the diamond composite block and graphite is inserted on top of the diamond seed. The pressure is heated to 1500 ℃ and pressurized to tens of thousands of atmospheric pressure.

At this extreme temperature and pressure, the graphite in the growth unit melts into liquid carbon, which then slowly crystallizes on the diamond seed to grow into diamond crystals.

The process is long and completely invisible. The clarity of lab-grown diamonds produced under such high temperatures and pressure is uncontrollable. Only a few percent of them can achieve clear vvs, and the proportion is very small. d, E color can generally be cultivated, but most of the carat is too small.

hpht diamond spot stock
Hpht Diamond Spot Stock

Most HPHT diamonds undergo further heat treatment after printing.

These treatments improve their color and clarity and even create colored diamonds. For example, boron heat treatment can turn HPHT diamonds blue. Heat treatment with nickel can turn HPHT diamonds green. Radiation can also turn HPHT diamonds pink and red.

3-4 ct Lab Created Rough Diamond Stock

We have a large stock of hpht 3-4 ct lab created rough diamond with high quality, good quality and low price. The picture below shows only the 2A grade hpht 3-4ct lab grown uncut diamond, there are other grades waiting for you to purchase!

2A 3-4CT HPHT diamond stock
HPHT 3-4 ct lab grown rough diamond Class 2A large stock

Advantages Of HPHT 3-4 CT Lab Created Uncut Industrial Synthetic Rough Diamond

Advantages of HPHT 3-4 CT Lab created uncut industrial Synthetic rough Diamond


hpht 3-4 ct lab created uncut industrial synthetic rough diamond hpht 3-4 ct lab created uncut industrial synthetic rough diamond

Applications Of HPHT 3-4 CT Lab Created Uncut Diamonds



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