diamond rough Laboratory diamond blank 4.0-5.0ct hpht diamond

Diamond Type:Synthetic (lab created)
Diamond Carat Weight:4-5ct
Fancy Diamond Color:white
White Diamond Color:D
Diamond Clarity:VS1
Material:diamond rough
MOQ:2 piece
MM Size:1.3-9.6mm Cvd Lab Grown Diamond

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Henan Hydray is the perfect partner for diamond retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers looking for environmentally conscious, high-quality lab grown diamonds rough at Preferential price.

We are proud to inform our customers that Hydray are grown in a laboratory to the highest standards, using the latest technology. We supply our highest quality lab-created diamonds rough and around the world at very attractive prices.

Our mission is to mass produce the highest quality Lab Grown Diamonds rough for all existing and emerging markets. Team of international professionals daily works with all continents, regions, countries and cities no matter which time zone they are in.We are committed to your success. We guarantee overnight, on-time delivery, price integrity, and open and honest communication.

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About Payment & Shipment

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