5 carat lab grown diamond price

Weight: 5 CT
Clarity: VVS, VS
Color: DEFGH
Diamond Cut: Excellent
Equivalent name: 5 carat lab-created diamond
Diamond Certificates: IGI/GIA

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A carat of diamonds weighs 0.2 grams, and a 5-carat diamond weighs 1 gram, which is about the size of a button on a normal men's shirt when viewed from the front.

Laboratory-bred diamond is the use of artificial methods to simulate the characteristics of natural diamond crystallization generated and manufactured diamond, and in every aspect of the real significance of diamond, its chemical, physical, atomic, light, and all the characteristics of the same as natural diamond.

If the most precious natural diamond is the precipitation of time, then the lab grown diamond is created by the best scientists, professional engineers, and skilled technical workers, the whole process only uses the right amount of electricity and raw materials, rather than large mechanical destructive mining. Avoid the harsh realities of natural diamond mining. Cultivating diamonds always follows the concept of green, environmental protection, and sustainable development, which protects the environment and gives people beautiful enjoyment at the same time.

Diamond 4C

Similarly, the idea of lab-grown diamonds does not give up on quality and value while being environmentally friendly. No matter the color, grade, or cut, in the process of simulating the formation of natural diamond, the pursuit of perfection. Although they are grown in a laboratory, they are still real diamonds, graded to the same standards as natural diamonds and supplied throughout the industry.


In the jewelry market, we often see diamonds of less than five carats. After all, the price of a carat or a few dozen carats is more acceptable. Five carats of such large diamonds are rarely bought by ordinary people, or it is difficult to afford them. Second, there are risks to wearing them. A few wealthy people buy five carats as an investment, waiting for it to rise in value, or as a symbol of status and power.

How much is a five-carat lab-grown diamond? Ultimately, it comes down to the quality of the five-carat diamond. A diamond that meets the 4C standard is the cut, clarity, weight, and color of a five-carat diamond. The price of a lab-grown five-carat diamond is at least 1 million yuan. More and more five-carat diamonds are showing up at trade fairs at this price, but few are being sold. So ordinary people rarely see a five-carat diamond, but it is necessary to know the price of a five-carat diamond.
lab created diamonds 5 carat


Diamond Size Chart
Diamond Size Chart


The main diamond is mainly 5 carat diamonds, and the auxiliary diamonds are mainly meleed diamonds.
5 carat center diamond


Q1. Are lab-made diamonds real diamonds?
A1: yes. Lab-made diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds, as well as the same fire color, sparkle, and flash. They are real diamonds. It is almost impossible to tell a lab-made diamond from a natural one with the naked eye.

Q2. Are the diamonds grown at Hydray Laboratories certified?
A2: yes. Diamonds produced by Hydray Laboratory are certified by an independent diamond grading Laboratory and their inscriptions match the number on the IGI Laboratory report. Laser inscriptions give you peace of mind when buying diamonds because it's an easy way to identify them.

Q3. Can you help me design custom jewelry?
A3: Hydray specializes in fully customized designs to create the jewelry pieces you desire. We also provide one-stop OEM and ODM services. For more details, please contact us.

Q4. Do you have a minimum order quantity?
A4: The minimum order quantity is 1 piece.


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