1mm 0.005ct To 0.008ct Lab Grown Melee Diamonds Excellent Cut DEF VVS VS

Product Name: Lab Grown Melee Diamonds
Color: DEF
Clarity: VVS VS
Carat Weight: 0.005-0.008ct
Technology: HPHT
Place Of Origin: Zhengzhou, China
High Light: 0.008ct Lab Grown Melee Diamonds, 0.005ct Lab Grown Melee Diamonds, 1mm vvs melee diamonds

1mm DEF Color VVS VS Clarity Excellent Cut Lab Grown Melee Diamonds For Making Lab Diamond Jewelry

Lab Grown Melee Diamonds Description

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds grown in the laboratory using equipment that simulate the growth environment of natural diamonds. Both laboratory-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are real diamonds. The main chemical components of laboratory-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are carbon.

HTHP and CVD are the two main methods for making laboratory-grown diamonds.
High temperature and high-pressure method (HTHP) uses graphite as raw material, introduces suitable metal catalysts, such as Fe, Co, Ni, Mn, Cr, etc., and can synthesize diamond at temperatures above 2000K and tens of thousands of atmospheres.

CVD stands for chemical vapor deposition, which is another method of making diamonds in the laboratory. The growth of this kind of diamond requires proper pressure and temperature of the hydrocarbon gas mixture in the vacuum chamber. In detail, CVD diamonds are grown in a vacuum chamber filled with a mixture of hydrocarbons. An energy source breaks down the gas molecules, and the carbon atoms are adsorbed down to the flat diamond seeding disk at a lower temperature. The crystallization process takes several weeks, and multiple crystals grow at the same time.

Every few days, the diamond is taken out, the top surface of the diamond is polished, and the non-diamond carbon elements are removed from it, and then returned to the growth chamber. Each batch of diamonds may need to go through several cycles, and the entire growth process takes three to four weeks.

Lab Grown Melee Diamonds Introduction

​Natural diamonds are created by nature and are the result of high temperature and pressure formed over billions of years. The Rough Lab Grown Diamonds are produced in the laboratory, usually in a few weeks. The chemical difference between the two is the same.

So how do you distinguish between Rough Lab Grown Diamonds and natural diamonds?

There is no obvious difference between the Rough Lab Grown Diamonds and natural diamonds. Even professional gemologists need special equipment to identify them. By zooming in, professionals will be able to discern subtle contrasts in diamond inclusions grown and mined in the laboratory.

The Difference Between Lab Diamond And Natural Diamond
Properties Earth Mined Lab Created
Guaranteed Conflict-Free No Yes
Hardness (MOHS) 10 10
SP3 Carbon Diamond Bonds (%) 100% 100%
Internal Crystal Structure Face-Centered Cubic Face-Centered Cubic
Hardness Comparable 2.42 2.42
Relative Diversity 3.52 3.52
Color Diffusion 0.044 0.044
Color Various Grades K to D grades
Price $$$$$ $$$

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