Miners find largest pink diamond in 300 years worth tens of millions of dollars

According to the British "Mirror" report on July 27, recently, at the Luro mine in Angola in the southern region of Central Africa, miners accidentally discovered the largest pink diamond in 300 years, worth tens of millions of dollars.

The approximately 170-carat pink diamond is the 27th diamond over 100 carats to be found in northeastern Angola and the fifth to date in the region. The largest diamond recorded to date is 404 carats. Generally, rough diamonds can be cut and polished smaller, sometimes by as much as 50%, but Rousseau's rose pink diamonds still capture the attention of many with their spectacular and unique color.

Pink diamonds have fetched over £58 million at past auctions and the presence of this pink diamond, Minister of Mineral Resources, Diamantino Azevedo, continues to demonstrate that Angola is an important player in the world's diamond mining phase, demonstrating our growing Potential and return on investment in the diamond mining industry.
About 170 carats of pink diamonds

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