International design and customization of rough diamonds

International design and customization of rough diamonds

Generally speaking, the jewels we see have been carefully polished and redesigned, but the jewels made of rough diamonds show the original appearance of the diamond. The unpolished rough jewels have a special original beauty, and then they are refined and refined. The design reveals ingenuity in the roughness.



What is a rough (rough) diamond?

Rough diamonds refer to uncut diamonds that have not undergone any cutting or polishing. Because these diamonds are in their most natural form, their appearance is not gorgeous and sparkling, or in other words, the different shapes and colors make each rough diamond more individual than traditionally cut and polished white diamonds.

The collision of unfinished and refined

Regarding De Beers' use of rough diamonds, I believe everyone is familiar with them. Whether in high-end jewelry or daily collections, the combination of rough diamonds with carefully polished diamonds has become one of De Beers' greatest features.

With the combination of natural rough diamonds and polished diamonds, the Talisman series is definitely the most classic representative. Pure and natural diamonds are nature's most precious gift. The De Beers Talisman series pays tribute to the original beauty of diamonds, using earth-toned rough diamonds and polished diamonds to create round-carved jewels and light diamond earrings, presenting a kaleidoscopic masterpiece.

Unique mosaic technology highlights the texture of the rough stone

Since rough diamonds are unique in nature, each unique shape makes how to set them a priority for jewelry designers. Whether you choose a simple style or a retro style, it means that the perfect combination of rough and inlay is needed to make it more distinctive.

For the most special you in the world

If you are looking for an engagement ring that breaks the tradition and feels more in line with your unruly personality. Especially if you are not interested in the same six-claw diamond ring, the rough diamond ring will become a refreshing choice. To describe it as "unique", "different", and "full of vitality" is the label.

The rough diamond ring is a very personalized choice as an engagement ring. Although the rough diamond does not shimmer as in the traditional sense, many diamonds have a softer shimmer, which can capture the unevenness of the diamond from different angles. Light on the surface. For low-key brides who desire a unique diamond, this is undoubtedly the best choice.

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