Importance of diamond cutting

Of the 4'C of diamond value measurement, only the cut is directly affected by human activity. Although diamonds can be processed into a variety of different shapes (fancy) to suit different tastes, the quality of the cut directly affects the fire and sparkle of the diamond. A rough diamond has no luster. Only the precise design and ingenious engraving of trained masters can lift the veil of diamonds, making full use of the nature of light, presenting a rainbow-like "fire color" with shimmering properties.

The cutting criteria are divided into three categories: cutting proportions, polishing, and symmetry.

Among them, the proportion of cut and symmetry affects the proportion of reflected light in the diamond, the better the polishing, the better the transparency of the diamond. In the process of cutting, some diamonds are affected by autogenous conditions, so the cutting is not ideal. To a certain extent, in order to pursue the ultimate sparkle, in order to polish a diamond, more diamond weight is often sacrificed. If you only go for the weight of the diamond and keep most of the weight of the diamond, you lose the most beautiful sparkle of the diamond, just like glass.

There are two important diamond cut grades here. Generally, Jurassic World 3 excellent, commonly known as 3ex, is almost the best cutting tool on the market. In Jurassic World 3, only about % of the diamonds in the world can meet this cut standard, and 90 yuan can achieve nearly % of the light reflectivity. is the highest grade for GIA cut items.

With development, the best knives are now ideal knives with narrower cutting ratios and tighter polishing. Symmetry requires that every facet of a diamond find perfect symmetry. Only less than 0.15% of diamonds in the world can meet this standard, with a light reflectivity of 98%. Only AGS certificates can issue such standard certificates. It is not well-known in China, but it is very popular in Europe and the United States.

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